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27 October 2013

Ghost & Friends ... designed by John!

Ghost & Friends in a PlanetBox

Designed by John for tomorrow’s school lunch!

20 October 2013

ParaNorman - Norman & Aggie

John and I watched ParaNorman yesterday and decided that we both wanted lunches — mine for work tonight, his for school tomorrow.

(background image found at KULfoto)

17 October 2013

Pookie & Tushka - Ice Math Ninjas

(WARNING: affiliate links ahead!)

For John’s homework he has to read 15 to 20 minutes each night and this week he’s become quite enamored with Pookie & Tushka Find A Little Piano. He also has to practice his math facts each night and prefers to do that on his ipad, too … so we were both thrilled to realize that Pookie and Tushka also double as Ice Math Ninjas (which is also available in the Apple app store)!

Surprise surprise —  they became lunch!

Packed in his PlanetBox Shuttle, Pookie & Tushka are drawn on monterey jack cheese with grapes, turkey bites, yogurt raisins, veggie crackers and Bugles.

16 October 2013

Frightful Fall Blog Hop a la Castle

One of my favorite Castle episodes is the Halloween themed “Vampire Weekend.” When the BBFs decided to do a Frightful Fall Blog Hop I knew I needed to do another Castle lunch!

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The details are provolone cheese on top of a spinach casserole (Stouffer’s made it — I just nuked it). There’s also a cut up sausage and some Pumpkin Funfetti cake.

Not familiar with the episode? Two scenes to explain the lunch without giving too much else away:

imageClick Here!

15 October 2013

Very Good, Sir! A PG Wodehouse birthday lunch!

You may be familiar with PG Wodehouse even if you don’t realize it. Born 15 October 1881 he wrote numerous short stories and novels (and plays … and songs …) and created one of my favorite duos of all time: Jeeves and Wooster. I found out that the Laurie & Fry series is on Hulu so have been marathoning that and today, in honor of Wodehouse’s birthday, a lunch!


(Pasta & veggies in cheese sauce with provolone Jeeves & quote. Frozen cherry yogurt. Pumpkin swirl bread with pumpkin cream cheese.)

And the clippage:

Timmy Turner for Tuesday

The roll of the die said Tuesday was TV Day so John asked for Timmy Turner!

He has a ham and cheese on wheat sandwich, star crackers, grapes, carrot slivers, and an unpictured yogurt. A friend had given us Fairly Odd Parents treat bags a while back and I cut Cosmo & Wanda out and taped them on to the lid of his Sistema box.

09 October 2013

VeggieTales - The Clumsiest Cowboy

John’s school lunch for tomorrow : VeggieTales The Clumsiest Cowboy! Grapes, veggie sticks and fruit snacks under the ham & cheese tortilla sandwich. The hat & outfit are monterey cheese & removable.

07 October 2013

Henry Hugglemonster

A Henry Hugglemonster snacky lunch for tomorrow!

06 October 2013

Conehead Zombie in PlanetBox Shuttle

The zombie is drawn on a spinach tortilla filled with ham & cheese with a colby jack cone. There are also Tings, grapes, a Fig Newton and some candy corn (because they kinda look like cones!).

03 October 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars Yoda

The roll of the lunch die came up “Game” for today so John asked for Yoda from Angry Birds Star Wars II! I drew him on a spinach tortilla stuffed with ham & melted cheese and he’s sitting on top of Original Tings. He also has Angry Birds fruit snacks and mini grahams as well as grapes and an unpictures yogurt cup.

02 October 2013

Happy Birthday, Peanuts!

Wednesdays are pizza day and normally John would be getting lunch in line, but since today is a special occasion we’re celebrating with a special lunch packed in one of his EasyLunchboxes (***affiliate links alert***).

On October 2, 1950 the Peanuts comic strip hit newspapers for the first time. While Snoopy wouldn’t make his first appearance until two days later, he is making an appearance in John’s lunch for today!

Snoopy’s dog house is a pepperoni and provolone sandwich on wheat. Snoopy himself is cut out of provolone. His name is cut out of colby jack cheese. The little Woodstock cup came from AllThingsForSale and inside of it are some Sixlets chocolate candies. On the side he has popcorn and a clementine.