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13 September 2013

Thursday's Snacky & Friday's Moby

Yesterday got away from me in a whole lot of ways so John’s lunch only hit Instagram … until now!

John asked for a simple snacky lunch in his LunchBots Quad (available in our affiliate aStore). He had Turkey Bites, colby jack cheese, grapes, fruit snacks, veggie sticks and a small piece of pumpkin cake.

Today he asked for Moby. I had no idea how he even knew about Moby and debated doing a “Voodoo Child” lunch …. and then he told me about BrainPop and BrainPop Jr and how Moby is a robot that stars in the videos there. Having a seven year old that makes SO much more sense.

After some research (and the purchase of the full upgrade for the iPad app), Moby was ready to be lunched:

Moby and his name are American cheese and sit upon a ham on whole wheat sandwich. He also has a clementine, fruit snacks, veggie sticks, and an unpictured yogurt cup.

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