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30 September 2013

Hammy from Over The Hedge

Hammy from Over The Hedge in Laptop Lunch Box for tomorrow’s school lunch

29 September 2013

Dalek & TARDIS eggs ... and Jelly Babies!

This was originally supposed to be John’s lunch for Monday but he “pretty pretty pleased” me into being able to eat it a day early. 

26 September 2013

King Neptune from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

We came up with a new tool for help with lunch planning:

It’s a square box with different themes written on each side and then John rolls it like a die and whatever he lands on is the basis for lunch! As you see, his first roll landed on “Movie” and he instantly knew that he wanted King Neptune from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie!

Neptune is drawn on a spinach & herb tortilla kinda-quesadilla stuffed with cheese and a little tuna. He’s holding his cheese crown since it wouldn’t fit on his head and the movie was all about how he lost it. There are also pretzel Goldfish, grapes, Spongebob graham crackers, and a Spongebob juice bottle filled with Crystal Light.

23 September 2013

The Magic School Bus Makes A Rainbow

John loves watching The Magic School Bus on Netflix and now he’s enjoying reading the books, too! He’s currently reading The Magic School Bus Makes A Rainbow — picked up for a mere 50 cents at our recent library book sale!

The bus is drawn on a slice of colby jack cheese and it’s sitting on top of cinnamon raisin pb & j (cut into quarters) with veggie sticks and clementine slices. He also has a yogurt cup in his bag.

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First Lunch of Fall!

We celebrated the first day of Fall with a trip out to one of our favorite places yesterday — which includes a giant corn maze!

What better way to celebrate the first lunch of Fall than with a lunch based on the same great day?

Packed in a PlanetBox Shuttle (<— affiliate link!), the Scarecrow is drawn on a bologna and cheese sandwich with an American cheese sign. He also has ‘Mallow Pumpkins, grapes, Bugles, SnaPea Crisps and ranch dip.

19 September 2013

Talk Like A Pirate Day with Scooby-Doo! and the Sunken Ship

Shiver me timbers!!! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day and the scallywags from Bento Bloggers & Friends are hopping! After you take a look at what John has to celebrate, make sure you click on the button at the end to sail on to the next blog.

John has been reading Scooby-Doo! and the Sunken Ship so we chose that as the basis for his lunch.



The pirate was copied from a picture in the book and is a turkey sandwich on whole wheat.


In the top right has Scooby Snack graham crackers and Scooby Doo fruit snacks.


The bottom left has grapes skewered with a Scooby pick and a pirate sword.


He also has carrots & ranch dip. I didn’t bother taking a second picture of those, though, since I’m pretty sure you know what carrots and dip look like already.

Don’t forget to click on the pirate flag to sail on to the next port o’ call!


After you’ve sailed ‘round this hop, hang on to your sea legs!

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18 September 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 - Emperor Palpatine

John is super excited about tomorrow’s release of Angry Birds Star Wars 2! We’ve had it marked on the calendar since we found out the date and every couple of days he checks to see how much closer we are.

Today he asked for an Emperor Palpatine lunch so that what he has!

The sandwich is ham and cheese and it sitting on veggie sticks. He also has yogurt raisin “eggs” and mini Angry Birds graham crackers. There’s also a frozen yogurt tube in his bag.

17 September 2013

Simple Veggies & Cheese for Work

It's Tuesday the 17th!!!

I loved going to summer camp growing up and I’ve always loved cheesy horror flicks so it probably comes as no shock that “Tuesday the 17th” is one of my favorite episodes of Psych!

Since today is Tuesday the 17th, what better way to celebrate than a lunch?

Packed in my pineapple box (of course) I have pasta with ham, pineapple & alfredo sauce with the images and letters cut out of ham and cheese. The inspiration for the images came from these screen shots of the episode:

16 September 2013

Simple Tortellini Snacky Lunch

Simple Tortellini Snacky Lunch - Tortellini with shredded mozzarella, veggie sticks, grapes, fruit snacks & pepperoni slices.

13 September 2013

Thursday's Snacky & Friday's Moby

Yesterday got away from me in a whole lot of ways so John’s lunch only hit Instagram … until now!

John asked for a simple snacky lunch in his LunchBots Quad (available in our affiliate aStore). He had Turkey Bites, colby jack cheese, grapes, fruit snacks, veggie sticks and a small piece of pumpkin cake.

Today he asked for Moby. I had no idea how he even knew about Moby and debated doing a “Voodoo Child” lunch …. and then he told me about BrainPop and BrainPop Jr and how Moby is a robot that stars in the videos there. Having a seven year old that makes SO much more sense.

After some research (and the purchase of the full upgrade for the iPad app), Moby was ready to be lunched:

Moby and his name are American cheese and sit upon a ham on whole wheat sandwich. He also has a clementine, fruit snacks, veggie sticks, and an unpictured yogurt cup.

09 September 2013

Simple PokeBall in PlanetBox Shuttle

John SAYS this is the last Pokemon lunch for the week — I don’t know if I believe him, though. Wednesday is still pizza day and apparently Thursday and Friday will be something non-Pokemon.

His sandwich is pepperoni on whole wheat with American cheese button & letters. He also has grapes, fruit snacks, carrot sticks and ranch dip.

Pokémon - Squirtle

John’s PlanetBox Rover makes it’s Second Grade debut today as we continue with the Pokémon love fest with a Squirtle lunch!

Squirtle is a turkey salami sandwich on whole wheat. He’s surrounded by grapes. Above him is a frozen yogurt tube. In the small round container he has some broccoli and caulifower florets (which I let him pick out & add hoping that it will get him to actually eat them). With the round container there’s also some colby jack circles. In the final section at the bottom left are two fig bars.

06 September 2013

Sherlock for a BBF inside joke

A special for Fancy Sandwich Friday ... Fancy Pants optional ... 

05 September 2013

Pokémon Charmander

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen the original version of this posted the other night:

I knew it was likely to be a slowish night at work so I took my favorite lunch-making supplies with me: food gel, bread and toothpicks. I had already printed the picture of Charmander that John picked out so all I had to do was trace it, smoosh it into the bread and fill it in!

And now you finally get to see the finished product:

The sandwich is filled with some of the filling from my Philly Cheese Chicken & Steak wrap and it sits on top of grapes, fruit snacks, and Pringle Honey Butter Stix. In the side compartment he has Snapea Crisps and ranch dip.

04 September 2013

Pikachu goes Gangnam Style

In about two hours I’ll be getting John on the bus for his first day of second grade! Rather than a traditional “back to school” themed lunch he wanted two of his most recent YouTube loves: Pokemon and Gangnam Style. Luckily for me he isn’t the first one to want the two combined so it was easy to find a picture to copy.

***warning : affiliate links contained below***

Packed in an Easy Lunchbox John has Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter & jam on wheat bread, colby jack cheese letters, Sixlets, Turkey Bites, veggie straws and apple slices.

And the inspirational video that I’m very thankful is very short …

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