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16 August 2013

Happy Birthday William Salyers!!!

One of my friends mentioned that today is William Salyers’ birthday and a bunch of us bento-ers knew we wanted to celebrate with fun food. The original plan was focus on what he’s most well known for now — his portrayal of Rigby on Regular Show …. unless you’re a freak like me.

For me Salyers will always be, first and foremost, Rev. Putty from Adult Swim’s Moral Orel. (Warning: This is NOT a kid’s cartoon!)


For work last night I had some mac & cheese, steak, and a cheddar Rev. Putty … complete with his “I Hate My Boss” mug (even though you can’t really tell that’s what I was trying to write!)

So, Happy Birthday, Bill! We now return you to your Regular-ly scheduled birthday link-up. (Just click on Rigby!)

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