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25 August 2013

DIY Custom EasyLunchbox Cooler Bag

Getting ready for back-to-school by pulling out the Sharpies to customize John’s Easy Lunchboxes cooler bag. I started out just thinking I was going to do just the top with his name and images from his favorites: Doctor Who, Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies & Minecraft … but he wanted the sides done, too!

19 August 2013

Doctor Who Survival - A Birthday Celebration

Today is an awesome day in the Whoniverse as it’s the birthday of Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred AND the late great Anthony Ainley! To celebrate I made a lunch for the only episode that the three of them appeared in together: 1989’s “Survival.”


The base is lasagna and mixed vegetables. I used a cookie cutter from our Halloween stash to cut the cat out of wheat bread before painting it with black food gel. The episode title is colby jack cheese and our birthday trio was drawn onto American cheese using food gel and a toothpick. (I would normally have used provolone but we ran out without me realizing it!)

16 August 2013

Happy Birthday William Salyers!!!

One of my friends mentioned that today is William Salyers’ birthday and a bunch of us bento-ers knew we wanted to celebrate with fun food. The original plan was focus on what he’s most well known for now — his portrayal of Rigby on Regular Show …. unless you’re a freak like me.

For me Salyers will always be, first and foremost, Rev. Putty from Adult Swim’s Moral Orel. (Warning: This is NOT a kid’s cartoon!)


For work last night I had some mac & cheese, steak, and a cheddar Rev. Putty … complete with his “I Hate My Boss” mug (even though you can’t really tell that’s what I was trying to write!)

So, Happy Birthday, Bill! We now return you to your Regular-ly scheduled birthday link-up. (Just click on Rigby!)

15 August 2013

Keep Moving Forward

Today is the last day of John’s summer program and when he returns to school on September 5th he’ll be walking in the doors as a second grader.

We watched Meet The Robinsons last night for the umpteenth time and while John remembered having seen it before I think he got it for the first time. Like Lewis/Cornelius John has a brilliant mind … but things don’t always turn out the way he wants the first time. “Keep moving forward” … a good philosophy for any stage of life. Especially the second grade.

13 August 2013

Celebrating the Master of Suspense

Alfred Hitchcock was born on 13 August 1899 and tonight I’ll be celebrating with a Hitchcock lunch and a Netflix marathon of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I’ve seen most of them but not since I was young when weekends were spent watching Doctor Who, old movies and AHP. It’s like visiting an old friend. An old friend who can freak out my psyche, but still.

In my Laptop Lunch box I’ve got pasta with tomato sauce, a couple of Italian Chicken Burger patties, cottage cheese, grapes, and cheese letters & silhouette.

12 August 2013

The Princess Bride

A simple lunch celebrating the author of The Princess Bride!

Pasta with spinach and sauce, mixed vegetables and a smidge of ice cream with cheddar castle and letters packed in an Easy Lunchbox Bright (<— affiliate link).

Linking up to Meatless Monday at Bento for Kidlet. And speaking of Bento for Kidlet, check out their celebration lunch, too!!!

When Fandoms Collide



John wanted a snacky lunch today …. with My Little Pony Daleks and Weeping Angels. Man this kid is coming up with tough ideas!!!

PB&J, cheese stick & cheese ponies, apple slices, veggie sticks & yogurt tube.

Linking to Meatless Monday at Bento For Kidlet.BentoForKidlet

09 August 2013

Book Lover’s Day

Today is Book Lover’s Day! A great day to relax with my Amazon Kindle app and a lunch to match!

There’s a bed of lettuce topped with tuna and cheddar, cottage cheese and hard-boiled eggs all in a Laptop Lunchbox.

08 August 2013

Phryne Fisher

I guest-posted at Loving Lunches yesterday with a lunch dedicated to Phryne Fisher. Head on over to check it out!

Pip as RatBoy

Pip as RatBoy in a PlanetBox Rover. Pip is a ham and cheese sandwich. There are also SpaPea Crisps, Bugles, grapes, fruit snacks, colby jack letters and ranch dip.

07 August 2013

Fires of Pompeii in Black+Blum

The lunch — flax seed meal bread with Birdseye Tuscan Vegetables and provolone art:

The quote:

The close-up:

And the clippage:

06 August 2013

Otis from Nickelodeon's Barnyard

More Barnyard love today with Otis in a PlanetBox Shuttle!

Otis is sitting on a bed of veggie sticks with Alphabet cookies spelling his name. On the side is a colby jack cheese stick, grapes and a pack of Sixlets.

05 August 2013

Barnyard - Pig

John loves Nickelodeon’s Barnyard movie & tv show and asked for Pig for today’s lunch. Pig, of course, is ham and cheese ;)

01 August 2013

Supernatural's Bobby Singer

I haven’t made a Supernatural lunch in a while and this morning I started a status update on MyFitnessPal with “Balls.” …. which, of course, got people mentioning Bobby Singer and I knew I HAD to have a lunch for work! I was already planning on taking my Lean Cuisine chicken parm but I added to it and put it all in my Laptop Lunch Box.

The Last of the Mane Six -- Fluttershy!

John has his last Mane Six lunch today with Fluttershy. We’re still negotiating whether or not I get a break from making MLP lunches for a while. I know he wants a bunch of the secondary characters at some point … I’m just hoping he agrees that they can wait until the actual school year starts! Momma needs a vacation from Ponyville!

Fluttershy is ham & cheese on wheat and there are also grapes, veggie sticks, string cheese (hiding under the veggie sticks) and a butterfly cake in the box. (He also has a yogurt tube that was still in the freezer at the time the picture was taken.)

And before you even start harping on me over including a Little Debbie Butterfly Cake in his lunch: stop. We rarely buy Little Debbie stuff to begin with and a treat is not the worst thing in the world I could put in my kids lunch bag.