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01 August 2013

The Last of the Mane Six -- Fluttershy!

John has his last Mane Six lunch today with Fluttershy. We’re still negotiating whether or not I get a break from making MLP lunches for a while. I know he wants a bunch of the secondary characters at some point … I’m just hoping he agrees that they can wait until the actual school year starts! Momma needs a vacation from Ponyville!

Fluttershy is ham & cheese on wheat and there are also grapes, veggie sticks, string cheese (hiding under the veggie sticks) and a butterfly cake in the box. (He also has a yogurt tube that was still in the freezer at the time the picture was taken.)

And before you even start harping on me over including a Little Debbie Butterfly Cake in his lunch: stop. We rarely buy Little Debbie stuff to begin with and a treat is not the worst thing in the world I could put in my kids lunch bag.

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