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31 July 2013

Rarity Loves Sunset Farm Foods (and so do we!)

Only two more of the Mane Six to go — including today’s Rarity! John is super happy with this lunch since it includes so many of his favorite things: macaroni & cheese, grapes, MLP:FiM … and Sunset Farm Foods sausage!

I was super excited when the wonderful folks at Sunset Farm Foods offered to send us some of their sausage to try out. All three of us were super excited when the package arrived and it contained three full packages of some of their Sunset Premium!

John and I aren’t big fans of hot & spicy so we knew right away that the jalapeno was going to be Daddy’s. It was definitely hot! He normally handles hot quite well and he loves to order jalapeno poppers or burgers smothered with jalapenos or … you get the idea. This sausage even made his eyes water a bit but definitely in a good way since he ate that entire package AND the cracked pepper before John and I could even think about trying them!

The Babylink Smoked Sausage was all ours, though, and we’re going to be mighty sad when the package is empty. It’s mild and almost … hmmmm … creamy for lack of a better word. I have the most sensitive pallet of the three of us and it’s been hard for me to limit myself to only one at a time. They’re THAT good!

We now have one Babylink left since John is taking one cut up in his mac & cheese for lunch … maybe we can split the last one … if Daddy doesn’t get to it first, that is!

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