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06 July 2013

Monsoon Wedding Pizza

Long before I got into this whole lunch blog thing I was just a food blogger. I cooked. I created. I blogged. One of my favorite fellow foodies was (and still is) the amazing Heather over at girlichef and this month she’s hosting Food n Flix at her site (read all about how to participate here)! The movie she chose is obviously Monsoon Wedding and I knew as soon as I saw the post that I wanted to participate.

Of course, I can never do anything normally so we don’t have Indian food … and we don’t have Texan food … we have a combination of sorts. My original thought was to do a bbq pizza on naan but every time I went to the store I forgot to buy naan … and bbq sauce … or any of the necessary ingredients to just make either. I stumbled on a simple flatbread recipe we did have the ingredients for that John helped me to make and then discovered some bean-free chili (since beans are evil) and shredded taco cheese laying around so we’ll just pretend the flatbread is more authentic than it is, okay?

Without further ado, our Monsoon Wedding Pizza. A Tex-Mex pizza with an Indian twist!


Even though it’s a Saturday John still wanted his in one of his favorite lunchboxes from AllThingsForSale (<— affiliate link alert!) so his pizza got cut up to fit. I told him the movie I was making it for was about a wedding so then he picked out the picks — the hearts, the “girl hat” for the bride and the “boy hat” for the groom.


He’s totally a blogger in the making.

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