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31 July 2013

Rarity Loves Sunset Farm Foods (and so do we!)

Only two more of the Mane Six to go — including today’s Rarity! John is super happy with this lunch since it includes so many of his favorite things: macaroni & cheese, grapes, MLP:FiM … and Sunset Farm Foods sausage!

I was super excited when the wonderful folks at Sunset Farm Foods offered to send us some of their sausage to try out. All three of us were super excited when the package arrived and it contained three full packages of some of their Sunset Premium!

John and I aren’t big fans of hot & spicy so we knew right away that the jalapeno was going to be Daddy’s. It was definitely hot! He normally handles hot quite well and he loves to order jalapeno poppers or burgers smothered with jalapenos or … you get the idea. This sausage even made his eyes water a bit but definitely in a good way since he ate that entire package AND the cracked pepper before John and I could even think about trying them!

The Babylink Smoked Sausage was all ours, though, and we’re going to be mighty sad when the package is empty. It’s mild and almost … hmmmm … creamy for lack of a better word. I have the most sensitive pallet of the three of us and it’s been hard for me to limit myself to only one at a time. They’re THAT good!

We now have one Babylink left since John is taking one cut up in his mac & cheese for lunch … maybe we can split the last one … if Daddy doesn’t get to it first, that is!

30 July 2013

Pinkie Pie

A simple Pinkie Pie lunch for today. He has a dr appointment this morning so this may end up being eaten in a parking lot instead of in school!

29 July 2013

24 July 2013

Applejack from My Little Pony

We’re taking a break from the PlanetBox — but not from the MLP lovefest! Tomorrow John is taking one of my favorite boxes from AllThingsForSale for his Applejack lunch. Applejack is drawn onto coly jack cheese and she’s sitting on top of a snacky lunch of fruit snacks, raspberries and blackberries, turkey bites, Tings, and some Apple Jacks!

23 July 2013

My Little Pony in new PlanetBox Shuttle

John and I were offered the chance to try out the new Shuttle by the wonderful folks at PlanetBox and we couldn’t be more thrilled! You’ve probably already figured out that John’s a big fan of the Rover so when I told him we were getting the smaller Shuttle he said I could have it … until it arrived and then he decided we could share it. He also decided that he would break it in for us and took it school today with a Spike lunch:

I was a little concerned about what I would use it for at first since I normally take food that needs to be reheated to work … until I realized that the jumbo silicone cups from AllThingsForSale fit perfectly in the main section. When it comes time to eat all I need to do is lift the cup out and pop it right in the microwave! For tonight I have a provolone Derpy on top of some pasta in the main section and on the side a couple of banana muffins (because, well, it’s Derpy):

22 July 2013

A PlanetBox lunch for My Little Brony

My son is a Brony.


In his PlanetBox: turkey bologna & cheese sandwich, rainbow fruit snacks, colby jack cheese stick, yogurt raisins, veggie sticks & Tings, mini chocolate chip cookies.

18 July 2013

BMO from Adventure Time!


We’re finishing the school week just like we started with Adventure Time! Monday John asked for Gunter and today is another favorite with BMO — Finn and Jake’s do-it-all robot.

16 July 2013

Despicable Me 2 in a PlanetBox


Over the weekend John & I watched Despicable Me 2 and I was SO excited about making his lunch! The Minion inspiration came from the official Despicable Me site. His bologna Gru sandwich and the Minions were both decorated using food gels and toothpicks. He also has chips and salsa, tropical fruit snacks, grapes, and a color-changing Minion yogurt tube.

15 July 2013

It's Adventure Time!!!


Some of us bento-ers got talking a couple of weeks ago about the awesomeness that is Adventure Time and decided that lunches MUST be made.

Today John has a simple Gunter peanut butter & jelly sandwich with grapes, LifeSaver Gummies, carrots, ranch dressing, sour cream & onion Goldfish, Scrabble Jr Cheez-Its, and Sixlets.

14 July 2013

Bento Gear Giveaway!




I’ve wanted to do a giveaway for a while but didn’t know what I wanted to give. The amazing offered to let me come up with a package that they would donate for a giveaway and it came to me almost immediately: I would give some of our favorite things! Boxes, food picks, egg molds, sauce cups … everything used for the lunches above you can win with just one comment!


Yep. That’s all. One comment. No required likes, follows, Pins, tweets, reblogs … just a comment. I won’t even tell you what to comment about (just don’t make it obscene).

For the beginner this would make a great starter kit. It’s a wonderful package to get ready for back-to-school!

For the seasoned lunch-maker … who amongst us doesn’t love free bento gear?

So leave a comment before 11:59pm (ET) July 20th and then at some point on July 21st I will use to pick a winner! This contest is open to EVERYONE from EVERYWHERE!!! International entries are welcome!

PLEASE make sure you sign in with a working email address for Disqus so I can let you know if you won! Also be aware that Disqus isn’t always cell-phone friendly. You may need to enter from a computer.

10 July 2013

Simple & Snacky

A simple “snacky lunch” for John in his PlanetBox today. No school tomorrow … and next week? I’ve been told there will be cartoon characters involved. A lot of them. Oh boy ….

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - "Hush"

By request, a Buffy The Vampire Slayer “Hush” lunch!

I was hoping to find a YouTube clip that included this because Buffy’s reaction to Giles’ picture of her is absolutely priceless … but instead you just get a pretty lousy screen cap from his presentation.


and, of course, the lunch:


(eggplant parm with provolone, cherry vanilla yogurt & carrots with ranch)

07 July 2013

Back to school with a PlanetBox!

John heads back to school in the morning for the first day of his six week summer school program! The program is put on in coordination with Say Yes to Education and John is so excited he designed the lunch himself for his new PlanetBox … well, except for the carrot chips. I insisted on those and I’m pretty sure the vast majority of them will still be in his box when he gets home in the afternoon.

06 July 2013

Monsoon Wedding Pizza

Long before I got into this whole lunch blog thing I was just a food blogger. I cooked. I created. I blogged. One of my favorite fellow foodies was (and still is) the amazing Heather over at girlichef and this month she’s hosting Food n Flix at her site (read all about how to participate here)! The movie she chose is obviously Monsoon Wedding and I knew as soon as I saw the post that I wanted to participate.

Of course, I can never do anything normally so we don’t have Indian food … and we don’t have Texan food … we have a combination of sorts. My original thought was to do a bbq pizza on naan but every time I went to the store I forgot to buy naan … and bbq sauce … or any of the necessary ingredients to just make either. I stumbled on a simple flatbread recipe we did have the ingredients for that John helped me to make and then discovered some bean-free chili (since beans are evil) and shredded taco cheese laying around so we’ll just pretend the flatbread is more authentic than it is, okay?

Without further ado, our Monsoon Wedding Pizza. A Tex-Mex pizza with an Indian twist!


Even though it’s a Saturday John still wanted his in one of his favorite lunchboxes from AllThingsForSale (<— affiliate link alert!) so his pizza got cut up to fit. I told him the movie I was making it for was about a wedding so then he picked out the picks — the hearts, the “girl hat” for the bride and the “boy hat” for the groom.


He’s totally a blogger in the making.