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31 May 2013

Let's Dance Little Pookie!

Another favorite Boynton book today! The new laptop arrived yesterday and I have yet to load it with the files from the other one (like my actual watermark), but didn’t want that to hold me back from showing you the cute:


30 May 2013

Sandra Boynton's Blue Hat, Green Hat

A special request from my little Boynton fanatic: the Oops turkey from Blue Hat, Green Hat!


23 May 2013

For My Star

Last night was John’s first grade mini-musical and today in school they’re doing it all over again for their schoolmates. It was a super cute show and all of the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and today he has a lunch that celebrates the star that he is!

imageGrapes, Omega 3 Gummies, Tings, Beef & Cheese Quesadillas


21 May 2013

Look! Sandra Boynton's "Your Personal Penguin"!


Too tired and too drugged on pain killers for my knee to write anything but oh how cute!!!

17 May 2013

Scotty Meets Future Spock

My favorite part of 2009’s amazing Star Trek? Simon Pegg as Scotty. (I swear the man could read the phone book and I would buy it in HD and watch it on my iPad.)  Unfortunately one of my favorite parts of my favorite part doesn’t seem to be anywhere online in a video clip …. but I do have a sound clip …. and a lunch!

Are You From the Future?

The gang of Edible Geekery couldn’t pass up doing a hop to celebrate Trek with the release of the new film so after you take a look at my lunch make sure you click on the button to beam over to the next blog (and so on). We’re boldly going where no hop has gone before!


To honor poor always-hungry Scotty I’ve got a meal and a half (at least) packed in my Laptop Lunch box! In the top left I have a roast beef, provolone and tomato sandwich with Scotty and Future Spock picks I made. Under that is some mac & cheese with tomato slices and colby jack “Well, that’s brilliant.” The side containers have key lime yogurt, Hershey Kisses and yogurt covered raisins.

Now continue on your journey and see what’s going on at Lunches Fit For A Kid!


16 May 2013

Itty Bitty Butterflies

John asked for pb&j butterflies today and the only cutter I could find was our itty bitty one …. so itty bitty butterflies he got (along with yogurt raisins, veggie sticks, his Omega 3s and a frozen yogurt cup!):


15 May 2013

A little lunch tribute to Kurt Fuller and Psych

You know I love Psych. This season I’ve been especially enthralled with the increase in screen time of Kurt Fuller’s Woody the Coroner! He always cracks me up and last week’s episode was no exception — especially when he was all tied up in the Psych office upon his own request. When asked how he was doing he said he was “happier than a swine in poo” (and then shortly thereafter had cheese puffs thrown at his head).
Of course, I immediately thought “LUNCH!”


Packed in my amazing pineapple box from All Things For Sale, I have some mac & cheese covered in barbecue sauce with a monterey jack swine … and cheese puffs. Not exactly poo but even I’m not that crazy.

14 May 2013

13 May 2013

Mr. Wrinkles


While at the Dollar Tree of all places I found this sweet book for John called Mr. Wrinkles so that’s the inspiration for today’s lunch!
John has a peanut butter and jelly elephant, colby jack cheese giraffe, veggie sticks, grapes, a Mini Slim Jim and his Omega 3 gummies in his lunch box. There’s also a frozen yogurt tube in his bag.

09 May 2013

Ocean Life in an EasyLunchbox

Last night we were trying to figure out what to read for John’s homework and swung over to the Storia store where we saw that they have Ocean Life — for free! Of course we got it and loved it and he had to have it for lunch today.


John has tortellini with colby jack cheese sea creatures, veggie sticks with sour cream & onion Goldfish, grapes, mini cookies and his Omega 3 fish gummies. All, of course, in an EasyLunchbox!

07 May 2013

Lazy Girl's Lasagna...ish

It’s not really lasagna in the traditional sense, of course …. but it tastes just like it when all is said and done …. and it’s a lot easier to throw together!


Packed in my monbento box, the top level has mini ravioli layered with cottage cheese and provolone butterflies (to match the butterflies on the lid). The bottom layer has red velvet yogurt and Special K Strawberry Fruit Crisps, and is going to stay in the freezer until I have to leave for work tonight. I have a 45 minute commute between walking to the bus stop and sitting on the bus so by the time I get to eat it should be perfect!

For those who bother paying any attention to I Wish I Had An Adipose you may think this is way too calorie heavy for a girl who’s supposed to be trying to get healthier, BUT it clocks in at 730 calories total and is pretty much two meals (well, a meal and a half). One of the joys of working third shift is a screwy eating schedule so one level will probably be eaten around 12:30amish and the other about 4 hours later.

06 May 2013

Doctor Who in a Beaba Tray

Today John gets a fun little snacky Doctor Who lunch!  I packed it in his blue Beaba tray. He as three small pb&j sandwiches — one with a TARDIS and one with a Dalek. Grapes, LifeSaver Gummies (his Omega 3s are underneath), carrot sticks, Fritos, and colby jack “WHO.” He also has a container of yogurt on the side.


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04 May 2013

May The Fourth Be With You!

It’s May the Fourth! A day to celebrate all things Star Wars (and other stuff) … and a great day for a BBF Blog Hop!

John hasn’t watched much Star Wars but he has played an awful lot of Angry Birds Star Wars and was given some lunch boxes by a friend so we went with the Yoda one for inspiration for his lunch:


PB&J on top of veggie sticks, grapes, cheese, alphabet cookies, Omega 3 gummies in little container

May the 4th Be With You Blog Hop

Once you’ve completed the hop and made your way back here …

Return to Base

May The Fourth (Doctor, of course) Be With You!

Today the Bento Bloggers & Friends are having a Star Wars themed blog hop to celebrate May The Fourth (make sure you come back any time after noon to check that out!). Of course, being the mega Whovian geek that I am, every time I hear the words “May The Fourth” my mind immediately goes to this post from the official Doctor Who tumblr:


I had to. I didn’t want to tarnish the Star Warsiness of the hop, though, so my Doctor gets a post all of his own. He deserves it.  He is, after all, the definite article, you might say.

And now, the lunch.
Chicken parm and mixed veggies with provolone Doctor, words and 11 stars (for the 11 Doctors)

03 May 2013

A Snacky Li'l Iron Man

A few days ago one of the packages I ordered for John’s June birthday arrived — a set of Avengers MiniMates (including his favorite — Iron Man)! Today after school he has to go with me to work and will be spending the night there and I decided that it would be more fun for him if he had some new toys to take …. so ended up giving him his MiniMates before school. He had already requested a “snacky lunch” for today but I decided to turn it into a snacky Iron Man lunch — especially after I found out that my two besties had done Iron Man lunches today at BentOnBetterLunches and BentoForKidlet!


John has turkey bites, a colby jack Iron Man, veggie sticks, grapes, his Omega 3 gummies and alphabet cookies spelling out Iron Man. He also has some flavored water in Belly Splashers bottle with an Iron Man top and an unpictured frozen yogurt tube.

02 May 2013

I love you more...

John and I have a regular conversation.

Me: “I love you more than anything!”

Him: “Anything?”

Me: “I love you more than the sun and the moon and the stars in the sky!”

That’s what he asked to have for lunch today. Makes me love him even more!