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29 April 2013

It's a lunch.

I went in to work Sunday at 11:30am …. and got home around 7:30am Monday morning. I don’t think my lack of inspiration for lunch today will come as much of a surprise to anyone here. Luckily, I have an awesome kid who also understands such things and said:


We think it’s still pretty cute, though. I used our square sandwich pocket maker thingie on his peanut butter and jelly, added a couple of music picks since Monday they have chorus practice, and his new bottle of Disney Omega-3s have fun Finding Nemo shapes instead of the old boring generic fish. He prefers to have them set off from his other fruit snacks in the mini silicone cups or something similar so that way he doesn’t forget to eat them even if he isn’t in the mood for the fruit snacks themselves. (He’s a pretty smart kid.) He also has Original Tings and grapes and frozen yogurt tube that, once again, didn’t make it into the picture.

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