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12 April 2013

Castle's Heat Wave

I finally finally started watching ABC’s Castle. I knew from the first couple of episodes that I needed to do a lunch (or several) … and now that I’m finally caught up to the current season I’m finally doing it! I’m going back to the beginning since that’s when I fell in love with the show and have packed myself a lunch for work based on Richard Castle and his first Nikki Heat novel, Heat Wave.


Packed in an Easy Lunchboxes Brights, I have a Healthy Choice Portabello Spinach Parmesan topped with provolone (and a pair of handcuffs from my best friend since Castle seems to find himself in handcuffs a lot). Out of the provolone I cut the name Castle using my mini letter cutters and then drew the outline from the book cover and Castle’s personalized bullet-proof vest using a combination of AmeriColor gels and markers. In the top left I have a Three Musketeers bar cut in half (it’s going to be a long night — I need my chocolate!) and in the right I have a Mini Dipper filled with greek yogurt.

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