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22 March 2013

Wall-E's Boot

We all love Disney here … and Disney-Pixar even more! Friday night John and I snuggled up and watched Finding Nemo and then Sunday afternoon the three of us (well, five if you count the cat & dog) watched Wall-E for the umpteenth-million time. Last year John had a pretty pathetic Wall-E lunch that he took to school one day (I’m almost embarrassed to link to it). This time he took Wall-E’s boot (with plant):


The boot was drawn onto a peanut butter & jelly wheat sandwich and the plant was cut from an AirHead. There were also grapes, veggie sticks, his Omega 3 gummies, and he had a frozen yogurt tube also in his bag. All in all this lunch took just under 10 minutes to make — including the time it took to figure out where I put the stash of AirHeads and cut the plant! Not too shabby!
Bentos on the Bayou

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