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06 March 2013

Guest Post: Red Nose Day

Hello everyone :)

My name is Keith and I write the Oh!Bento UK blog. My lovely friend Karen has allowed me to hijack her blog :)

My post today has a slight serious tone but it is well worth it I promise.

In the UK we have a charity raising event called Red Nose Day which helps raise funds for children in Africa. The event is a huge production that features many celebrities taking part in sketches, specials of TV series ( like Doctor Who! ) and many celebrities go to Africa to highlight the horrible conditions in which children live.

I want to do my part so I have made a donation page and have set a small target of £50 ( £15 has already been donated and I hope we can raise more.)

I will be making some Red Nose Day themed bento to help raise awareness of this great event. I hope you can all spread the news as the more people that know, the higher the chance we can make a difference.

And if you can make a small contribution it would be highly appreciated.

More information and donations can be made here.
Here is a Red Nose Sandwich to celebrate the first donation :)


(The best Red Nose Day clip can be found here)

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