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31 December 2013

Top 13 of '13

Happy New Year!!!
When the Bento Bloggers & Friends first started talking about doing a link-up of our Top 13 of 2013 I was excited and befuddled all at the same time. How in the world would I choose? There have been soooo many posts to choose from between my work lunches and John's school lunches. Would I do a mish-mash of both? Try and pick one per month with a bonus to make the 13? I finally asked John and he said I should just do my favorite of mine. (I think the thought of picking his favorite of his was a little too overwhelming!)
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1. Plucky Pennywhistle's Pizza Salad : Because killer unicorns are cool ... and so is Supernatural.
2. Amy and Her Poncho Boys : I still want the t-shirt that I found as the inspiration for this one!
3. Castle's Heat Wave : I finally started marathoning Castle this year & fell in love!
4. Sunflowers for Amy : "Vincent and the Doctor" ... one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever.
5. Happy Birthday Jason Schartzman! : A Rushmore lunch to honor my favorite Coppola.
6. Book Lover's Day : Books are cooler than killer unicorns.
7. Celebrating the Master of Suspense : It was Hitchcock's birthday so there had to be a lunch!
8. Phryne Fisher : I got to guest post for a friend ... but still pimped my lunch here!
9. Sherlock (for a BBF Inside Joke) : The one that almost didn't get blogged ... but still makes me giggle.
10. Very Good Sir! : Celebrating PG Wodehouse's birthday with Jeeves.
11. Christmas a la Agatha Christie : I'm still amazed it took me this long to lunch with Dame Agatha.
12. A Very Supernatural Christmas : Ugly Christmas sweaters rank right up there with killer unicorns.
13. The Time of the Doctor : *sniffle* I'll write something as soon as I stop crying ...

When Harry Met Sally

For years I had a New Year's Eve tradition of timing When Harry Met Sally so it would hit midnight in real life at the same time it hit midnight in the movie after Harry went chasing through the streets of New York to get to Sally. Ooooh the feels! Now that I'm working third shift the timing doesn't work for me but I still watch the movie every year. This year I'm watching it WITH a lunch!
The sun's setting earlier and earlier so the lighting is a bit whack, but I've got pumpkin squash ravioli with provolone art and words (and a great pick gifted by a friend -- as soon as I saw it I knew it would turn into a When Harry Met Sally lunch some day!). I also have a pumpkin muffin and Yoplait Light Pumpkin Pie yogurt .... on the side. (I like pumpkin. A lot.)

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30 December 2013

Being Human : Gilbert Fun!

An old favorite... drawn & cut from provolone on mac & cheese and ham.
You can find out who he is via Amazon Instant Video! (He arrives in the third episode -- you should start at the beginning, though!) You can even watch it for free with Prime -- and get a 30-day trial by clicking HERE! (<--affiliate link!)

25 December 2013

Merry Merry Ghost

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate & a very happy Wednesday to those who don't! And to those of who get to work on major holidays like I do? Hope you get good rest and good food. I've at least got the food part down for myself ...

Every year as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is done I start reading as many Christmas books as I can. Some have been read and re-read (Christopher Moore, Mary Higgins Clark, Heather Graham) ... this year, though, I finally read the second book in Carolyn Hart's Bailey Ruth Mysteries series: Merry Merry Ghost. (<-- affiliate link warning!) I've loved Hart's books for a couple of decades at least and the new series is absolutely delightful! Bailey Ruth is a ghost ... but don't let her supervisor on the Rescue Express, Wiggins, hear you say that! (He prefers "emissary.")

Now, I could tell you all about Bailey Ruth and Wiggins and what they've been up to ... but it would be so much more fun if you just read the books yourself (start with Ghost At Work). I will, though, share a couple of passages so you'll know where I drew the inspiration for what I, well, drew.

For Wiggins:

For Bailey Ruth:

And the work lunch/breakfast/brunch/whatever:

In my EasyLunchbox I have (clockwise from top left) some turkey sausage links, silver dollar pancakes with Wiggins and the Rescue Express engine, creamed spinach in a silicone tree surrounded by snowy scrambled eggs and topped with a cheese Bailey Ruth and book title snowflakes. A nice cozy Christmas meal to go along with a new favorite cozy Christmas mystery!

24 December 2013

Santa's a robot! (Doctor Who Roboform Santas)

I was originally going to post this tomorrow ... but then I went and ate two lunches last night at work so had to make a new lunch and that will be be tomorrow's. Besides, both episodes for this one actually took place on Christmas Eve so .... whatever.

Some of the freakiest Doctor Who villains are the roboforms -- androids who disguise themselves as Santa in order to "blend in" .... right before they start blowing everything to smithereens with their "instruments" of destruction. Now, I normally don't find Santa freaky. Or brass bands. But when a Santa brass band starts blowing stuff up? Yep. Freaky.

And lunch-worthy.

Packed in my black+blum Box Appetit I have Tuscan blend vegetables in the top and Swedish meatballs in the bottom. Of course, as per usual, the letters and picture are cheese. (Sorry for the lousy lighting -- it got dark earlier than I had planned!)

And now the really important part: the YouTube clips of the trailers from the two freaky Santa episodes!

The Christmas Invasion:
The Runaway Bride:

A Very Supernatural Christmas Lunch

Tis the season for ugly sweaters ... even if you're pagan gods, apparently! Two of my favorite Supernatural baddies are Madge and Edward Carrigan from "A Very Supernatural Christmas." They're funny, they're festive, they're quotable ("Sweet Peter on a popsicle stick!"). It was a shame they couldn't have been spared, somehow, for episodes to come.

My lunch for work features their sweaters and a quote from Dean:
 A close-up of the cheese sweaters:
The cheese is on top of BirdsEye Pasta & Vegetables in a Creamy Cheese Sauce. There's also a pumpkin muffin with cream cheese and some Christmas cookies (including a wreath since the Carrigan's made them)!

WARNING: The following YouTube clip is totally NOT appropriate for kids. Or those with weak stomachs. Or those who are prone to festive nightmares.

23 December 2013

Psych Christmas - Lassie Hates Snow Globes

Sadly I couldn't find a YouTube clip of Lassiter receiving his snow globe from Shawn & Gus in the Psych Christmas episode "Gus's Dad May Have Killed An Old Guy," but you could always Netflix it or Amazon Instant Video it (season 2 - episode 10). In the meantime, here's a collage from tumblr:

and the dialogue that always cracks me up:

and, of course, the lunch:
In the large section of my EasyLunchbox I have teriyaki vegetables mixed with pineapple chunks and cheese letters. The top right has a chicken thigh with cheese snow globe. The top left has a cinnamon roll cookie (cut to fit) and pineapple pick.

20 December 2013

The Christmas Party From The Black Lagoon

Today is the last day before Winter Break and John's class is having a party to celebrate. What better book to read this week than The Christmas Party From The Black Lagoon? We found it in a used bookstore this past weekend for a very good price and John was SO excited! It's a great book with a great message and a lot of fun all at the same time. Because today is party day and there will be quite a bit of food provided John asked for a snacky lunch ... but still tied in to the book.
Hubie and his teacher, Mrs Green, are drawn on sliced Empire Jack cheese. Mrs. Green is sitting on Bugles. Hubie is sitting on grapes (with his dog, of course). All three are dressed for the holidays with Santa hat on her and Rudolph noses on the others! He also has pepperoni and crackers and a mini cupcake in a separate container (to try and save the frosting from getting TOO mangled).

Even though John is off school for two weeks after today I'll still have to work so expect to see some more work lunches than usual! (Did you see the Eureka lunch I posted overnight? I'm quite happy with it!) 

Eureka - Do You See What I See?

I love Eureka.
Even though SyFy foolishly cancelled it, it's still one of my favorite shows and thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime I still get to watch/rewatch whenever I want to! Last night was one of those "want to" nights so I kicked back and watched both of the Christmas episodes and knew that I had to have a snow ninja from "Do You See What I See?" for my work lunch.
The "sninja" and title are cut out of cheese with food gel and food markers used for the coloring. They're sitting on top of the contents of a breakfast bowl (cheese, potato, egg & sausage) with sides of a Russell Stover Santa Truffle and a homemade pumpkin muffin. Of course, it's all packed in an EasyLunchbox. (And, of course, all of those links are affiliate links!)

19 December 2013

Father Christmas B.C. (Before Claus)

John took a break from his chapter books the other day to read a few easier seasonal selections on his Kindle app -- including the super cute Father Christmas BC (Before Claus) (<--affiliate link!> about a dragon named Barnaby. Of course, Barnaby had to be turned into lunch:

18 December 2013

Christmas a la Agatha Christie

I've been a huge Agatha Christie fan for as long as I can remember. I have no idea why it took me until now to try and lunch any of her amazing works!

Last night at work I was watching Poirot on Amazon Instant Video. I started with Hercule Poirot's Christmas from season 6 and thought "eh ... not lunch." Then I remembered that one of my favorite short stories -- "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding" -- had another title! Sure enough, "The Theft of the Royal Ruby" aired season 3 so I watched it and fell in love all over again ....

And made my lunch for tonight as soon as I got John off to school!

Being the last minute (practically) I didn't bother to make the pudding so I have some dark chocolate pound cake with vanilla frosting as a stand-in for the pudding with a candy "ruby." I used food gel to decorate the cake, and also to write the note that Hercule received warning him not to eat it! The body in the snow/pasta is provolone as is Hercule himself on top of the broccoli. I also used food gel to draw them -- as well as leave the blood spill from the knife in the girl's back.

Not familiar with the tale? You can (!!!affiliate warning!!!)...

buy the dvd

and/or watch the instant video (free if you have Prime)

and/or buy the book!

17 December 2013

Judy Moody & Stink: The Holly Joliday

This weekend John read Judy Moody & Stink: The Holly Joliday and we both loved it! Once again, Megan McDonald & Peter H. Reynolds provided us both with giggles and "awwwww" moments... and needed to be lunch. We had a lot of ideas for which parts would make good lunch material but he finally decided to just go with the cover.

The book (affiliate link!):

The lunch:
John has been on a big cheese kick lately so Judy, Stink & Mouse are drawn on Empire Jack cheese. The letters and small snowflake were cut from the same. He also has a small snowflake ham sandwich, a Mini Slim Jim, grapes and Holiday Goldfish.

16 December 2013

Jolly Holiday Hobbit ... I mean, Hop ...

It's time for another Bento Bloggers & Friends Blog Hop!!!
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Geek that I am I couldn't resist doing a play on words with two of my favorite Lord of the Rings characters -- Merry and Pippin! I got the idea when one of the prompts this past week for #doodleadaydec that I'm doing on Instagram was "Merry." Merry Brandybuck immediately came to mind and since you can't very well have Merry without Pippin ... "We Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Pippin New Year" got stuck in my head and stayed there.

I drew Merry and Pippin with food gels onto frozen blueberry waffles. Some sausage and my new favorite Pumpkin Pie Yoplait Light yogurt are also included in my EasyLunchbox. Second breakfast, anyone? (no syrup is included because there's already a bottle at work!)

Now click on the cute little panda to head over to Loving Lunches and keep clicking until you end up back here! Happy hopping!!!

15 December 2013

Disney's Frozen - Sven & Olaf

Yesterday John and I had a "date day." We went to the mall, saw Santa, hit up a bookstore, and then went to see Disney's Frozen! We both loved it so tomorrow John is getting a lunch with the two characters that made him belly-laugh the most: Sven and Olaf!
Sven is drawn onto a bologna and cheese sandwich. Olaf is on provolone cheese. 
Under Sven are veggie sticks and there are white and blue Sixlets scattered around him. 
Under Olaf are Mini Slim Jims and yogurt raisins. 
He'll also have an applesauce pouch and yogurt tube.

12 December 2013

Buddy The Elf in an EasyLunchbox

One of my absolutely favorite movies for the holiday season is Elf. It's oh-so-quotable and one of my favorite quotes? "Smiling's My Favorite!"
Packed in an EasyLunchbox Classic, the quote and Buddy are provolone cheese on top of whole wheat spaghetti with Birds Eye Tuscan Vegetables. In the top right I have some cut-up polish sausage. In the top left? The four food groups according to Buddy -- a candy cane, some candy corn, a candy (chocolate) Santa, and a maple cookie (made with real syrup!).

I WAS tempted to make it the Buddy way ... but even I'm not willing to go quite that far. I WILL give you a YouTube clip to watch, though:

My friend Erin over at Feeling A Little Lunchy made an Elf lunch, too! Make sure you go sure her some mad lovin'!

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Prairie Home Companion Christmas On The Trail

It's blog hop time again!

Today the Bento Bloggers & Friends are holding our second holiday hop of the season (you can see the first one by clicking here). When you're done with my lunch make sure you click on the button at the end and keep on clicking until you end up back here! 

I've been a huge fan of Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion for a long time. It's almost like comfort food for my soul. For work I combined it with actual comfort food for a lunch based on the 2004 sketch Christmas On The Trail. You can listen to it via RealAudio from the Prairie Home Companion site ... or you can just buy the sketch from Amazon since it was included on the Dusty & Lefty: The Lives of Cowboys cd! (<-- affiliate link)

In the sketch Garrison Keillor, as Lefty, sings his own version of "Santa Claus In Coming To Town" to Dusty. The song has everything a cowboy carol should have: broken hearts, physical altercations, yellow snow ... but I stuck with Santa and his horse for the lunch.
Packed in one of my boxes from Laptop Lunches, the lunch has mashed potatoes and chili covering macaroni & cheese with cheese letters, horse and Santa. For the Santa I used my small cowboy cutter and added the hat at the suggestion of my son. (He's a smart little cowboy!) In the upper left I have baby carrots with dip. In the upper right I have white chocolate/milk chocolate Lindt Lindor Truffles.

Now make sure you click on the button to go see what Keith is offering up over at Oh!Bento!

11 December 2013

The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas

Last year John's "Aunt" Erin from Feeling a Little Lunchy sent him a copy of The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas. It's a wonderful book written by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter from the band McFly ... if you like dinosaurs and Christmas and poop, that is. Of course, I have a seven year old boy so those are all big hits in our house!
Packed in an EasyLunchbox, the dinosaur was drawn on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the remnants of Santa drawn on monterey cheese. The snow he's stomping around on are veggie straws with yogurt raisins for the snow falling from the sky. In the top left he has a couple of Christmas cookies. In the top right he has a MiniDipper filled with Red Velvet yogurt with green sprinkles.

10 December 2013

Eubie from The Happy Elf

John stayed home sick from school on Monday so it gave us a lot of time for snuggles, cartoons, and reading! Since the poor kid has little-to-no voice at the moment I got to mostly read to him and one of the books chosen was Harry Connick Jr's The Happy Elf. We've seen the animated movie version before but I prefer the book. The movie Eubie kinda freaks me out but Dan Andreasen's book version is adorable!
Packed in his PlanetBox Shuttle he has Eubie drawn with food gels onto a bologna & cheese sandwich with veggie sticks, cheese letters, grapes and a chocolate Santa.

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06 December 2013

SpongeBob's Christmas Wish

Yesterday, instead of diving into the next chapter book on his list John opted to grab his hardcopy of SpongeBob's Christmas Wish (<--affiliate link). Even though he only has a half day of school today and doesn't need a packed lunch I thought he would get a kick out of having one waiting for him when he gets home ... so I made him a Squidward Santa!
Squidward is drawn onto a roast beef & cheese sandwich. Under him are two trees cut out of monterey cheese. Veggie sticks and a tree container of yogurt raisins and red & green Skittles makes what will hopefully be a happy surprise for my favorite boy!

05 December 2013

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas .... Lunch

A guest at the hotel where I work gifted me some leftover Aloo Ghobi Masala and Malai Kofta early this morning ... right after I added A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas to my watchlist on my MaxGo app. I took it as a sign that I needed it in a Christmas lunch! Now, I could have gone all whack and obscene with it (after all, I'm the same girl who put a toe in a lunch for The Big Lebowski), but decided to keep it tame. I also could have gone all movie-literal with White Castle burgers and waffles ... but I wanted my leftovers (and I could hear my scale cry from afar at the thought of burgers and waffles together)!

I found the cute little oriental takeout box at my drugstore for a dollar and figured that would be perfect to pack in for Harold. The inner boxes from my Laptop Lunchbox fit perfectly for Kumar's Indian leftovers! On the bottom layer is a small box with the kofta and a Reese's tree (if you've seen the movie you'll know the importance of a tree), and then snuggled in above that is the medium box filled with the aloo ghobi and some cottage cheese. I also have a small single-serve egg nog because, well, it's Christmas!

03 December 2013

Elves Don't Wear Hard Hats ... is done!

The plan was to read two chapters a night and have the book finished Wednesday with the final lunch of the book for Thursday.

Plans sometimes don’t work out the way we think they will (just ask the kids from Bailey Elementary)!

John finished his book with his Tuesday night homework reading and then didn’t want to wait until Thursday for a grand finale lunch. Instead of having something all planned out and detailed, I threw something together for his dinner. It’s not the greatest picture because it was already dark out by the time it got made but, according to John, it was a great end to a great book and a great “not-a-lunch” to go along with it.

And, no. I’m not telling you how the book ends. Pick it up yourself and find out ;)

Elves Don't Wear Hard Hats ... continued!

In the most recent reading the kids decided to ask Santa about their suspicions over the elves/construction workers… so they went to the local department store. After a rather interesting conversation with the store Santa, the kids wanted to uncover the truth even more… and Eddie has a plan involving a pair of beaten up stinky sneakers!

How could I resist putting stinky sneakers in a lunch?
John has a field trip to the zoo today so I had to make sure that his lunch wasn’t too cumbersome and packed in a box we wouldn’t be heartbroken over losing if that happened. Thank you drugstore dollar bin! (AND a huge thank you to the folks at SayPlease for the perfect Lunchbox Love note for a winter zoo trip!)

His stinky sneakers are drawn on a ham and cheese sandwich. He also has grapes, pretzel sticks, and a small chocolate Santa as a stand-in for the Santa Claus in the store.

No lunch to be made for tomorrow because of pizza day so we’ll see the conclusion on Thursday!

What do you think? DO elves wear hard hats?

01 December 2013

Elves Don't Wear Hard Hats

John started reading his first Bailey School Kids book on Saturday and four chapters in he already decided that he wanted a lunch from it. Quite possibly, a week of lunches! Well, minus Wednesday because it’s pizza day … and Friday because it’s a half day.

A new playground is being built and Bell Construction Company is on the job. Melody, Liza, Howie, and especially Eddie have a feeling that there’s something different about the crew and decide to investigate by snooping around the trailer they’ve been told to stay away from … and that’s where we pick up with the lunch!

Packed in an Easy Lunchbox, the trailer is a bologna and cheese sandwich on SnaPea Crisp ground. (You can’t see them, but the windows on the trailer are colored red & green because they’re covered with wrapping paper.) The kids trying to peek in the windows are cut out of provolone using a mini gingerbread cutter. The tree container in the top right has ranch dip for the crisps. The top left has yogurt raisins and Dole Apple Chunks Fruit Bites.

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25 November 2013

Thankful for ... Stink!

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If you’ve been around for a while or know us personally you probably know about John’s issues with reading. It frustrated him to the point of not wanting to even try for a long time … and then once he got better with focusing he seemed content to stick with the easy readers and picture books. The word “chapter” freaked him out.

Then we met Stink Moody.

Megan McDonald and Peter H Reynolds have my reluctant reader absolutely enthralled to the point of him not wanting to get the books out of the library — he needs to own them “for real forever.”

When it came time to start planning his one and only Thanksgiving-themed lunch for school this week I suggested that instead of the “norm” he pick something he’s thankful for. Since he had just finished his first Stink book the choice, for him, was obvious.

We’re both thankful for Stink!
Packed in his PlanetBox Rover, he has mini pumpkin muffins, turkey meatballs, a provolone Stink wearing a pilgrim hat, some candy corn & pumpkins, grapes hiding under cookies that spell out Stink, and a Thanksgiving Lunchbox Love Note.

It was John’s idea to have Stink celebrate Thanksgiving by wearing the pilgrim hat … and it was also his idea to have the hat removable so Stink’s “fun hair” could be seen, too:
I have a feeling this will be the first of many Stink lunches!

23 November 2013

50 Years of Doctor Who - Edible Geekery Blog Hop

On the 23rd of November in the year 1963 the Doctor and the TARDIS and all of time and space entered our lives. Fast-forward fifty years and the members of Edible Geekery have decided to celebrate with a blog hop! When you’re done here make sure you click on the button at the end to travel over to the next blog and so on and so forth until you end up back here!

Seeing as how I’ve already done over 50 Doctor Who lunches I decided to go a bit wibbly-wobbly for today. I still baked something … but nothing edible. Instead, John and I made ornaments!

This has to be the easiest recipe ever for ornament dough: just 2 cups of baking soda, 1 cup of corn starch and 1 1/4 cups of water.
I used Wilton’s boy cutter for the basic shape of the Doctors and Rory, the girl cutter for Amy, an angel for the Weeping Angels and hand-cut the TARDIS, Adipose and Daleks by hand. Since each Doctor has unique features I embellished the individual figures with extra dough here and there. A drinking straw popped into the top of each made a hanging hole for later.
After they’ve dried (and, if baked, cooled), time to decorate! We didn’t have paints on hand so we grabbed thee ol’ Sharpies and went to town.
After a lot of giggles, we were done!
Doctors 1-3
10 & Adipose
11, Amy, Rory, TARDIS (John’s favorites)
Daleks & Weeping Angels

Now on to the edible portion of the hop … just click the button to go to Beneficial Bento!


21 November 2013

Weeping Angels

Since tomorrow is the 50th anniversary for Doctor Who (be sure to come back to see what we have going on!), John asked for Weeping Angels for school today. He has a weeping one and an attacking one drawn on provolone on top of tortellini:

"Don’t Blink" is also cut out of provolone. He also has Tings, yogurt raisins and a hard cooked egg.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow afternoon (@1:30pm est)!!!