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20 December 2012

Holiday Hop

When we first started talking about the Holiday Ho Ho Hop I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do and I was awfully glad I got a spot here in the last week of the three so I would have more time to ponder.
And then it came to me as if in a dream…. or a visitation by the Spirit of Christmas Lunch:
Blackadder’s Christmas Carol!!!

Of course, I had to pack in +EasyLunchboxes using my pink pig cup from AllThingsForSale
noodles with mushroom gravy, turkey meatballs & provolone; Santa frosted brownie; caramel pudding & caramel filled Santa chocolates (even though they could be considered “utter crap”)
 Since I know that not everyone is familiar (*cough*Netflix*cough*), here are clips:
Now click on the button and hop over to BentoForKidlet for some back-to-back holiday Black!

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