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28 November 2012

The Duckling Gets A Cookie!? and my blog gets hijacked!

First lunch:

Ham & cheese sandwich, Mini Slim Jim, mozzarella string cheese, grapes, fruit snacks & a cookie!
There are few things that give John as much joy as a Mo Willems book!  
The Duckling Gets A Cookie!? is no exception.
He cracked up time and time again while he was reading it … and then, again, when he saw his lunch!

OH NO! We’re being hijacked!
Oh … it’s just our good friend, Keith, from Oh!Bento

Hello everyone,

My name’s Keith and I am high-jacking Karen’s blog for this one little post. ( She did give me permission. I promise!)

I write the Oh!Bento blog and I am hoping to publish the first English language bento tutorial magazine, I want the magazine to be full of tutorials, product reviews, recipes and other foody tid-bits. I also want the magazine to be highly interactive, I want the readers to have a say in what is included as well as the readers being able to submit their own recipes, tutorials and bentos while being credited for them.

I have created a Kickstarter page in the hopes of making this dream come true. I want to, with your help, spread the word of just how great healthy lunches are. I believe this dream is achievable and I will do everything I can to get this magazine to you all.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will now pass back to the more than capable Karen and her amazing lunches. Take care everyone.

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