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19 November 2012

Stickfiggy Presents The First Thanksgiving from @MeMeTales

Thanks to the wonderful JDaniel4’s Mom we have a wonderful new reading app on the iPad called MeMeTales (it’s also available for Android and computer). They have a huge selection of books and an awful lot of them for free …. including the wonderful StickFiggy Presents The First Thanksgiving that John and I read Sunday afternoon.
We loved how there were two different sets of text on most pages — a “narrator”/Mommy line and then a larger (and easier) John line. John loved the simple but wonderful illustrations and the fact that it was set up for us to read together. I loved those aspects and also that it was more accurate than most Thanksgiving stories. No turkeys to be seen anywhere (that didn’t become the norm until the 1800s)!
John does, however, have turkey (bites) in his lunch… along with with colby jack stick cheese, grapes, fruit snacks, yogurt and pb&j!

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