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15 November 2012

A Thankful BBF Blog Hop

 With Thanksgiving coming up we decided it would be a great time for another Hop but not necessarily with the traditional turkeys and whatnots. Instead we all decided to pick something that we’re thankful for and go with that. After seeing what I’m thankful for be sure to swing by to see what Keith has to be thankful for at Oh!Bento!

My first thought was to not do it at all.
Then I thought I would but with a not-at-all serious twist (which ended up being the Zombieland lunch).
Then I thought about what (besides my own little family) I really truly am the most thankful for:
my BBF BFFs.
I could go on and on about how much these girls (and guy) mean to me and how much I would want certain ones of them to be there to continue raising my darling John if anything were to ever happen …but then I would get all sentimental and sappy and would probably start to cry and it’s no fun crying. 
So now just go check out Keith at Oh!Bento by clicking on the button below and keep clicking from there until you make it back here!

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