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23 September 2012

So long, Elmo's World ...

The 43rd season of Sesame Street starts up Monday! I’m a little nervous for little kids everywhere who have been hooked on Elmo’s World ….. because it’s going away and being replaced by “Elmo the Musical.” I’m sure it’s going to be great and all, but when John randomly decides that he wants to watch Sesame Street on Netflix for a little trip down memory lane he doesn’t ask for Sesame Street ….. he asks for Elmo’s World.

John has an Elmo bologna & cheese sandwich with cheddar eyes and American cheese nose that was cut from a new sandwich cutter we received in a care package from a friend. (This may very well be the one and only time we’ll use it for outside the home … John is growing up way too quickly!) The eyes are propped up with some Veggie Straws and there are also yogurt raisins and “Dorothys” (Goldfish).

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