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27 September 2012

Jack's House (a @Scholastic book by Karen Magnuson Beil)

Now that John is in the first grade every night he has to read as part of his homework and keep a log of it to turn in each Friday. Wednesday night he read the book Jack’s House and loved it so much he asked to have it for lunch on Friday!
Max is actually the main character in Jack’s House and was made using the amazing new CuteZCute Animal Friends Food Deco Cutter and Stamp Kit! The main head cutter was flipped upside down and became his peanut butter & jelly head. It was also used for his construction helmet. The panda nose and mouth became his nose and mouth, the eyes became his floppy ears and the ears became his eyebrows. The holes from the pig snout ended up being the perfect size for Max’s eyes. John absolutely loved how it turned out!

(also included are grapes, pretzel sticks and Veggie Straws)

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