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08 September 2012

Doctor Who ... Who do you think?

This lunch from “Asylum of the Daleks” is going to work tonight in my EasyLunchbox. I’ve watched it at least four times in its entirety since it aired a week ago and several bits and pieces here and there in order to pull a quote or an image or show John something I thought he might enjoy.

This lunch is one that that I’ve had in my head ever since I saw one of the first previews for the episode but I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull it off until I got further inspiration from Pinterest. (Yes, I spend huge amounts of time oohing and aahing the Pinterest Geek category. I’m sure this revelation surprises no one.)


Top Left: turkey meatballs

Top Right: Snapea Crisps and Veggie Ranch Dip (in a new EasyLunchbox Mini-Dipper!!!) 

Bottom: leftover pasta and sauce with provolone words and image

Tonight is a brand new episode so expect to see dinosaurs and spaceships at some point this week!

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