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12 August 2012

Picktastic Powerpuff Girls!!!

On Sundays Tom has to be to work before I get out of work. Luckily we work in the same hotel so he’s able to bring John in with him and then John just walks home with me when I’m done. On our walk home this morning we were discussing lunch for tomorrow and I mentioned that he would be getting some new picks in the mail from one of our friends soon. He wanted to see what they looked like so I hit google and one of the options that came up didn’t actually have the picks in question but did have the inspiration that he used for tomorrow’s lunch!

We were visiting over at Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom and came across the Lunchbox Kabobs that she made for her son back in April 2010. John immediately pulled open the drawer we keep the picks and rings in and started thinking about what he wanted. While the drawer was open the Powerpuff Girls started to show off their sports prowess with the football and baseball picks and there was no more debate as to what we would use!

The girls each have monterey jack cheese, Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Bites and Domino’s Gluten-Free cheese pizza (they were on sale this past week and I bought a ton for the freezer!). The football and baseball have pizza and turkey bites. Surrounding them are grapes there are some fruit snacks on the top.

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