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27 July 2012

Olympic Blog Hop: A Plea from Whovians

Dear Olympic 2012 Committee:

On behalf of all Whovians I would like to point out that you are screwing with the Space-Time Continuum.

We all saw The Doctor light the cauldron at the Opening Ceremony in the episode “Fear Her.” In case you somehow have been living in a hole and haven’t seen it, here’s a recap:

Now, we don’t ask for much. Just don’t screw up the dang Continuum! The Opening Ceremony is tonight so that gives you plenty of time to fix things. Well, not plenty of time … but still … time.

What you’ve given us:
Matt Smith carrying the torch
What we MAY be willing to compromise with:
Doctor Whooves — who looks and acts suspiciously like Ten
But what we really need:
The way it should be. Preserve the Space-Time Continuum!
Sincerely, Me


At least putting the three together makes a decent lunch:
Mac & cheese topped with chicken mixed with pineapple preserves topped with provolone.
Now, I know that the Olympic Committee is all set on their plans and that now we just have to hope that the Continuum doesn’t get too wibbly-wobbly as a result of that will or won’t happen at the Opening Ceremonies. While we wait to find out (or if you’re here after-the-fact because we’ve all actually survived), take a few minutes to click on the picture below to hop on over to see what delicious flavor got posted on BentOnBetterLunches and then keep hopping from there!
You know that’s right!

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