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10 July 2012


One of the greatest guilty pleasures of all time has got to be Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K). If you’ve never seen it, find it. In fact, I’ll make it easy on you and fill you in on a not-so-little secret: YouTube has a crap-ton of the full episodes … including the classic The Horrors of Spider Island. I have every intention of watching it at work tonight, in fact, with my MST3K lunch!

The bottom section has “island flax bread” — my normal recipe with some honey ham and pineapple mixed in. It’s topped with colby cheese stars, MST3K and our fabulous movie watching trio. There’s also a spider pick because, well, it is Spider Island, after all. The top two sections hold some of my favorite movie treats — frozen grapes in the left and popcorn and (mini) chocolate bars in the right. The popcorn is SmartFood’s new Cinnamon Brown Sugar Popcorn and it is absolutely delish! (John keeps asking for more more more!)

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