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19 June 2012

Summer Blog Hop! Yogi Bear & Friends

Wednesday is a super special day on so many levels!

First, it’s the first day of Summer!!!

Second, because of the first it’s the day of the Bento Bloggers & Friends Summer Blog Hop so make sure you click on the picture at the bottom of the post to head over to Bobbi’s Bentos to see what she’s up to.

Most of all, it’s John’s last full day of Kindergarten! He has a half-day Thursday but Wednesday is the last full day. His class picnic got rained out on Tuesday so it’s happening today and John requested a special summery picnicy lunch for us to share at the park.

Summer isn’t summer without picnics and camping … and who better to represent both of those things that good ol’ Yogi Bear (and friends)?
The insides of the sandwiches also go along with the camping/picnic/summer theme because they’re S’mores Sandwiches! It was an idea that sprang out of a conversation with the Bento Bloggers & Friends gals — Chocolate Soy Nut Spread from I.M. Healthy with Fluff! Surrounding the sandwiches are fruit snacks and on top is “Yogi Bear” spelled out of colby jack cheese. The top left has two hard cooked eggs — one molded with a heart mold, the other with a fish. The bottom left has two vanilla wafer cookies for each of us.  This will be a shared lunch — along with some unpictured drinks and apples.

Now keep hopping and see what Bobbi is sharing with us!

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