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18 May 2012

Doctor Who -- The First for the Eleventh

After giving myself a short period of mourning, I’ve continued on with the Doctor Who Fest on Netflix. I only saw part of Matt Smith’s first season on tv before changing tv lineups or something foolish like that. I wasn’t that enthralled with him — in large part, I think, because I loved 9 & 10 so bloody much. I’ve decided to give him another go, though, and made a crack earlier that the best way I would think of to endear myself to 11 a bit more is to put him in a lunch box … so here is a lunch with highlights from his first episode, The Eleventh Hour.

Top Left: oriental blend vegetables topped with haddock sticks & cheese “Who da man?”
Top Right: thousand island dressing, egg whites & tomato chunks
Bottom Left: salad with “Still Not Ginger” in cheese and colored egg white
Bottom Right: Vanilla Pudding (standing in for custard) with “bowties are cool” drawn on

And no, I have absolutely no intention of dipping my haddock into my pudding!

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