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03 May 2012

Barf In A Box & A Star Wars Blog Hop!

I’m cheating here. I’m participating in the May The Fourth Be With You blog hop to celebrate Star Wars Day with a lunch inspired by the greatest Star Wars parody out there — Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs!

The large container holds Eagle V — the flying Winnebago and Barf (brilliantly played by the late John Candy, he’s a Mawg — half man/half dog … he’s his own best friend!) whom I just realized is backwards. Oh well. The Winnebago, letters and little stars are cheddar cheese. Barf is drawn onto ham. They all sit on flaxmeal bread with some salsa on the side.
The top left has a little salad with canadian bacon and cheese stars.
The top right has one of Mel Brooks’ characters, Yogurt, drawn with natural color onto, well, yogurt.

Now go see what Bobbi has in store at Bobbi’s Bentos and keep hopping from there!

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