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25 April 2012

Toy Story Alien Dude -- with Step-By-Step Tutorial

A friend of mine asked me to do a sandwich art tutorial and Pin it for him to send to his sister but as wordless as possible so he could maybe understand it, too. (He’s a college student and has to “read too much as it is! LOL!) I asked if he had anything in particular in mind and he asked for “that three eyed dude from Toy Story.” Works for me and will definitely work for John because he loves all three Toy Story movies!

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory except for maybe Step 7. That brown thing getting ready to cover the Alien Dude is a napkin I used to soak up some of the still-wet food gel. I typically don’t need one with the natural colors, but I went for the gel this time because I knew I wouldn’t be coloring it in completely so it would be minimal amounts of artificial coloring.
After the lunch got put together completely, this is what John will have in his lunch bag tomorrow:
"Alien Dude" ended up being ham and cheese. Under him in John’s Toy Story container are yogurt raisins and star crackers. He also has a Yoplait Splitz and a Tummy Tickler Apple Juice bottle.

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