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03 April 2012

Easter Parade for a Bunny (Blog) Hop

When the Bento Bloggers & Friends started talking about doing a Spring/Easter-related hop I knew I wanted to participate with both lunch blogs, but didn’t think I’d necessarily want a cutesy lunch for myself with bunnies and whatnot. Then I got thinking of all of the Easter-related movies out there and just about all of those are either highly religious in nature or kid-flicks … but not Easter Parade!

EP was released in 1948 starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire with music by the magnificent Irving Berlin. It touted itself on being “the happiest musical ever made” and while that may no longer be true, it still makes for a pretty great “Easter” lunch!
Judy and Fred are cheese on top of fettuccini. 
Also in my lunchbag but unpictures are a clementine, grapes, a hard cooked egg and some bunny & egg fruit snacks I swiped from John.

Now hop on over to see what fun is going on over at 
Keeley McGuire Blog by clicking on the cute bunny butt below!

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