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17 March 2012

SyFy Being Human in a Laptop Lunchbox

I got hooked on the BBC Being Human first and started watching the SyFy version just because there was nothing else to watch on Netflix at the time that struck me. (This was obviously before I realized the massive amounts of Doctor Who in their library!) I admit that the first season of the US version didn’t really click with me because it was soooo similar to the BBC one. The second season has made me a fan, though, as it’s completely on its own for storylines. Oh, and I love the characters’ blogs at How To Be Human, which is where I got the images for this meal!

Michelina’s Lean Gourmet 5 Cheese Lasagna topped with “Being Human” and Sally cut from cheese and Aidan and Josh bread and butter (you know, to sop the sauce as usual). Light fruit cocktail is in the bottom right. Two Spring Oreos and a dip container with a handful of Junior Mints are in the top right.

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