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12 March 2012

St. Patrick's Day Lunches

With St. Patrick’s Day being on a Saturday there’s no school lunch, but I thought up an idea that could be fun at home or taken along to enjoy while watching a St. Patrick’s Day Parade if packed in an Easy Lunchbox (or other box, of course)! 


In the large compartment we’ve got good ol’ mac & cheese (from a box) with a cheese shamrock and Irish flag (with Slim Jim flagpole). The top left has mini orange and green cupcakes and the top right has cut Rainbow Twizzlers.


For a smaller lunch, here’s a leprechaun peeking out of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with two shamrocks on the side. The sandwiches are cream cheese & jelly on whole wheat and colored with natural colors. The rainbow is, again, Rainbow Twizzlers (this time cut into strips to fit better … and because  John isn’t a HUGE fan but likes them in small doses), and the gold coins are cheddar cheese.



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