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11 March 2012

Pets at play!

We have two fur-kids in the house. Aura became part of the family shortly before I became pregnant with John and then this past summer Cheerio moved in. At first the two weren’t quite sure what to make of each other … Aura the half lab/half greyhound princess who was here first and Cheerio the cat who rules the kingdom of us just because he’s a cat. They get along pretty well now, though, and John loves them both and really loves it when they play together (which usually involves fur flying across the house because they’re chasing so furiously).

Anyway, when I asked John what he wanted for lunch tomorrow he said “Cheerio and Aura playing.”


They may not look like they’re playing yet in the lunchbox, but you can tell that Cheerio’s about to whether Aura likes it or not (which is typically how it works).

The sandwiches are ham & cheese. The containers on top hold ranch dressing and carrots. A package of Sixlets (or whatever they’re called) round it all out in a Fit & Fresh Lunch Pod.

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