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12 February 2012

Valentine's Lunch in Fit & Fresh ... PLUS snack! (and the first ever BBF Blog Hop!)

Simple hearts for John for Valentine’s Day in some of his new Fit & Fresh containers.

His sandwich is plain cheese cut first with a heart-shaped cutter and then with the FunBites cube thingie just to make it more “John-ish.” It’s sitting on a pile of pepperoni slices:

On the side in a half-circle container is some watermelon. Rather than use the melon baller on the slices I cut them into various sized hearts:
Add a strawberry milk box and a Strawberry Sundae Splitz yogurt and we’ve got a Valentine’s Lunch!

Valentine’s Day is also John’s turn to provide snack for the class. I found some festive zipper seal bag at the dollar store and places a pack of Ocean Spray Berries & Cherries Fruit Snacks and a raspberry cereal bar (store brand of NutriGrain) in each one:

NOW be sure to head over to Crystal’s Ramblings to see what fun she’s packing up for Valentine’s Day! It’s our first ever BBF Blog Hop!

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