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09 February 2012

Jake and the Neverland Pirates! (in his new @Fit_Fresh containers!)

Tomorrow is Friday which means the end of Neverland/Pixie Hollow Week.

We’re wrapping up with the newest friends of Peter Pan and Tink — Jake and the Neverland Pirates (Izzy, Cubby and their parrot, Skully). This isn’t the first appearance of Jake in one of John’s lunch bags, but it’s soooo much better than the one back in early October. I’m rather impressed with how much better I’ve gotten!

The kids are all ham and cheese on wheat. Skully is drawn onto a Nilla Wafer. Pixie Hollow fruit snacks are scattered about. The Fit & Fresh half-cup has clementine slices and grapes (and it fits perfectly in his new Fit & Fresh Lunch Pod if we leave the ice pack out of the lid).

I’ve had so much fun making this week’s lunches … but I’ve just about burnt myself out with them all at the same time. They have, without a doubt, been my most complicated and detailed lunches yet. I hope you all have enjoyed them as much as John has!

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