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29 February 2012

Seuss Week Day Four: Yertle The Turtle

Is it just me or has this week been flying by for anyone else?

Tomorrow is ALREADY Thursday?!? Seuss Week is almost done?!?

I think I’m going to be suffering from separation anxiety, but first….


Yertle The Turtle!!!

Yertle and friends (?) are bologna and cheese on whole wheat.

Yertle’s name is colby cheese.

The top left is fruit salad.

The bottom left is celery & carrots with some Biscoff in the small container.


I kept it pretty simple because I’ve got big plans for Friday and I need to store up my creative juices as best I can. I’m thinking big thinks for the birthday lunch … and hopefully I’ll be able to pull at least a couple of them off!  Come back sometime tomorrow (quite possibly late afternoon or evening) :)


28 February 2012

Seuss Week Day Three! Fox In Socks

John became a fan of Fox & Knox not because of the book Fox In Socks, but from watching The Wubbulous World of Dr Seuss! (Jim Henson’s son takes after his daddy quite well! I’m still bummed it only lasted two seasons but VERY thankful that Netflix has those two!)  Originally our Knox & Fox lunch box was going to based on the characters a la the tv show, but then John saw a picture from the actual book of “Knox in box” and “Fox in socks” and decided he would rather have that. So here it is!
The sandwiches are Biscoff and jam on whole wheat. The names are cut from American cheese with the mini alphabet cutters. The side container has LifeSaver Gummies and grapes.

27 February 2012

Johnny said I could!

I asked Johnny if I could use some of “his” cutters (and fun Fit & Fresh) for my lunch for work tonight. Not only did he say I could but he also helped pick out what I should use. I’m so spoiled sometimes!

Star-shaped turkey sandwiches and colby cheese, pineapple cottage cheese & grapes.
All together: 10PP

Seuss Week Day Two: The Sneetches!

Thanks to finally finding a lunch bag big enough for the Easy Lunchbox but small enough for him to take it to school in his backpack, tomorrow John will get to take one for the first time! The bag in question is Built NY’s Tasty and while it’s a tight fit, it’s a fit! He’s even practiced taking the box out without dumping it all over.

So, the ELB will get to make it’s kindergarten debut in all of it’s bagged glory with my favorite Seuss characters:
The Sneetches!
 The Sneetches are drawn on American cheese with natural food color with stars cut out along the side using one of the bonus cutters from the little alphabet cutter set I mentioned yesterday. They’re joined in the large compartment by star shaped cheese crackers from CVS. The top right holds a clementine with a star drawn on it and a mini York Peppermint Patty (just because). The bottom right has cocktail weiners skewered with pretzel sticks for the Sneetches’ frankfurter roast! Yes, John actually likes them cold (he’s his daddy’s boy!). I will be nuking them a little bit before the final lunch packing tomorrow morning, but only enough to make me feel better. (I know they say they’re already fully cooked in the package … it still skeeves me out a bit to watch the male half of the household actually eat them right out of the package!)

26 February 2012

Seuss Week! Green Eggs & Ham in Lock & Lock!

It’s the start of Dr Seuss Week!!! Theodor Seuss Geisel’s 108th birthday is Friday and we’re doing an entire week of Seuss lunches to celebrate (plus two from this past week because John didn’t want to wait)!

For Monday we’ve got Green Eggs & Ham in John’s new Lock & Lock box from the greatest bento store online: AllThingsForSale (he even got the Lock & Lock water bottle which he insists on taking, too, even though he’ll need a teacher to help open it!). It’s a nifty little box with two removable compartments each divided into two so it can be used in a couple of different ways.

As soon as we opened the box and I started showing John the different configurations he immediately laid out how his “Sam I Am” lunch needed to go … and here it is (with water bottle on the side)!

On the top left is the “green ham” which is actually Hormel’s Pizza Style Canadian Bacon and below that is the green egg. They were colored by being soaked in some water mixed with all natural green powder. The egg is actually already cut in half and devilled with some ranch dressing mixed into the yolk and also colored with the powder so when he takes it apart …
 The sandwich is cream cheese and jelly (and, yes, he had me color the cream cheese green, too) with Sam I Am punched out of colby cheese with cute little alphabet cutters, also from AllThingsForSale!

Tomorrow: The Sneetches! (It was originally supposed to be The Lorax, but he had that this past week so wanted something new and we love The Sneetches!)

25 February 2012

Hi-ho hi-ho dangnabbit...

After four nights off it’s back to work I go tonight. At least I’ll be going with decent food, though, so it could be significantly worse. I suppose.

Tonight I’ll be hiking up the hill in the snow with my Laptop Lunchbox full of yummyliciousness:

Clockwise from bottom left:
Tossed salad with lettuce, egg white, colby jack, tomato
Steamfresh Rotini & Broccoli in Cheese Sauce
Reese’s Minis
Ranch Dressing
Mandarin Orange Segments

Also along for the ride will be a Cleo Coyle book and my awesome new Thermos from Cafe Press (I have Crystal Light drink sticks stashed at work):
(I’m just a wee bit addicted to Psych!)

All in all: 10 PointsPlus!

Oh … and have you entered the giveaway for a set of all natural food colors over at What’s In John’s Lunch Bag?  Only a couple of days left!

24 February 2012

Another Pre-Seuss Week Special: Thing 1 & Thing 2

John is SO excited about Seuss Week coming up. He’s been off school for the week which would normally mean slacking off on the sandwich art for the lunches but thanks to the new natural colors and John’s “pretty pretty please”s, slacking isn’t on the menu this week. (Maybe the weekend … we’ll see …)

Today John’s having Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat In The Hat in one of his Fit & Fresh boxes.
Thing 1 & Thing 2 PB&J with cotton candy hair and Goldfish (Krinkelbein, Norval, whatever).
He’ll also get fruit and probably carrot sticks when it comes time to eat!

WARNING: The cotton candy used for the Truffula tree tops yesterday and the hair today? Don’t try sending it to school! I had his lunch for today sitting out since this morning — hair and all — just like it would be if it was a school day and by the time lunch rolled around it wasn’t hair anymore but a pile of sugar dust. REAL glad I tried at home before I tried sending!!!

23 February 2012

Dr Seuss' Lorax (a pre-Seuss Week special!)

After we were done at the museum yesterday we stopped in to the drugstore by the bus stop to grab a couple of things. Mostly, we went in for Angry Bird Gummies that we noticed earlier when we ran in to grab a pack of pocket tissues for a little boy’s runny nose … but then I saw something I knew would be perfect for Truffula tree tops:

Of course, John knew immediately what I was thinking when I picked up the bag and he agreed … and asked for The Lorax for today (even though he had already put it on the schedule for next week!).

I put together the body last night with the new natural food color and finished it up this morning. I made sure it was done by the time John would normally be heading for his school bus so we could see how everything held up being left out like it would be on a school day.  The love for the natural colors continues!!! In fact, no new powder was used today … I just added a drop of water to yesterday’s that had dried up and it sprung back to life!
 Clockwise From Top Left (in an Easy Lunchbox):
* pretzel sticks (for Truffula trunks)
* pepperoni bites topped with colby cheese painted with “I speak for the trees!”
*The Lorax bologna & cheese on whole wheat with American cheese mustache standing on a pepperoni bite log, Truffula Trees and tops, and grapes

21 February 2012

And ... Mardi Gras lunch!

For Mardi Gras lunch John has a Jester hat in an Easy Lunchbox (with the green lid, of course)!

The sandwich is ham and I actually did the top slice of this at work using a picture I found thanks to Google and then threw the rest of it together while waiting for the breakfast to be done. The bells on the hat were cut off of the colby jack stick separating the sandwich from the LifeSaver Gummies (yellow, green and purple … of course). In the top right corner is applesauce with some of the sprinkles leftover from the biscuits and in the bottom are purple & green grapes.

Mardi Gras Breakfast! (with a recipe! kind of...)

Today, of course, is Mardi Gras!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

I’ve been looking at tons of recipes for King Cakes, pinning them on Pinterest, looking some more … but none of them really screamed “MAKE ME” to me. I came up with this idea at work, though, and couldn’t wait to get home to make them!

First, I preheated the oven to 400 and popped open a can of buttermilk biscuits.
I added yellow, green and purple coloring to some cream cheese and placed about half a teaspoon in the center of each biscuit then rolled them into balls, making sure they were well-sealed.
I sprinkled some yellow, purple and green sprinkles into a small dish and plopped each ball in before placing them into a round pan.
After baking for about 10 minutes and letting cool for a few, it was time to see if they were edible! They were wonderful AND fun after finding the cream cheese inside. In fact, John ate three in hopes that he would end up with all three colors and he did! He also says they’re “cool” and “super deeeeeelicious” :)
I know these should have a cute name but we haven’t come up with one yet … so if you have one, let me know. They can be made any time for any occasion, which is also pretty cool. Just change the colors around !

20 February 2012

Apple Bangers & Mash

When John sat down for lunch with his ELB today I said that I was a little hungry, too, so he suggested I grab my ELB that I had all set for work tonight. So I did and it was absolutely delicious …. but left me with nothing for my lunch bag.

Last week or somewhere around there I added a couple of recipes to one of my Pinterest boards for different variations on good ol’ Bangers & Mash. One of them was from Martha Stewart and was just for the Mash … with apples! That immediately reminded me that I grabbed some Al Fresco Apple Maple Chicken Sausage last time we were at the store and my mouth has been watering every time I’ve thought about it since.

So I made a quick and easy version of Apple Bangers & Mash:
Chopped and cooked 3/4 cup peewee potatoes and mashed them with 1/2 Tbsp Country Crock, 1 Tbsp milk and 2 Tbsp applesauce. Cooked up two of the chicken sausages, chopped them and tossed them on top.

I licked the fork I used to move the mash into my Fit & Fresh dish and ooooooooh baby is that good stuff! I was pretty tempted to stand there in the kitchen and eat the whole thing … but then I would have to come up with another lunch for work … again!

(WW PP Total: 6)

Life's A Beach!

The best thing about being on break for John isn’t getting to play all day (today he’s been re-writing and acting out The Lorax with Legos, Cowboys and Indians and this time the trees all survive … or at least grow back quickly). It isn’t wearing his pajamas ‘round the clock. It isn’t even watching and playing pretty much anything he wants to on my iPad…

It’s getting to have lunch in the ELBs!

He may still be fighting off the horrid cold he caught and it may be the middle of February and a blizzard could hit any day in central New York, but for John? Life’s a beach … and so is his lunch :)

Top left: Star crackers because he may decide this should be a night scene.
Top right: Vanilla yogurt with yellow sprinkles in a “sun yellow” silicone cup.
Bottom: PB&J on whole wheat island with palm trees and a sailbot in an AirHead ocean with a school of Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish Grahams swimming underneath (trees and sailboat cut from itty bitty cutters purchased from — same place I got yesterday’s Monster Truck!)

19 February 2012

Easy Lunchbox Monster Truck Lunch

John has still been a bit under the weather. He made it to school Wednesday-Friday, but we’re all very glad he has this next week off to rest up and recuperate. Part of his blahness yesterday and today has included a rather diminished appetite … but that went flying out the window when I showed him what I put in our (as I’m no longer to claim them as just “my”) Easy Lunchbox:

Clockwise from top left:
Fun Size Oreos
Monster Truck italian bread & butter (well, Country Crock)
and grapes.
Very simple and hopefully very easy on his stomach!

18 February 2012

The Big Easy Lunchbox Bag Test

Tonight I will be taking my iPad AND ELB to work. In one bag. I’m not sure which one yet:


but one of them is going.

Right now I’m thinking maybe the Built just in case there’s any spillage involved (which is the big scary test with the iPad also being in tow). I’ll let you know how it goes after the fact!

The lunch in question I’m quite looking forward to:
3 oz cooked spaghetti topped with 3 oz cooked boneless/skinless chicken, 3 oz of light sauce and 1/2 ounce shredded pizza cheese. On the side 2 oz mandarin orange segments and 2 oz cottage cheese. 9 PP all together …. and would make a huge enourmous gross mess if the lid decided to screw with me (if it does, though, prepare to see a slightly used ELB giveaway sometime soon) ….

Sorry to say (for you — definitely NOT for me), but the lunch and iPad made it to work in one mess-free bag!!! Maybe someday I’ll still do an ELB giveaway but for now you’ll just have to go buy your own or try and win one elsewhere :)

16 February 2012

More Bubble Guppies! Molly & Mr Grouper

John asked for Mr Grouper and “one of the girls” for lunch tomorrow. Here Mr Grouper is cut from colby cheese with swiss cheese for eyes. Molly is a pepperoni & mayo sandwich on whole wheat. They’re joined by some Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish Grahams, some original Goldfish, and pepperoni bites. (There will also be fruit of some sort — an apple or pear, most likely.)

15 February 2012

Gil & Bubble Puppy from Nick's "Bubble Guppies"

John made it to school today! Not so sure if he will tomorrow, but I made lunch just in case he does (and, of course, he can eat it at home if he doesn’t).

Gil & Bubble Puppy are bologna sandwiches on whole wheat. Gil is surrounded by Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish. Bubble Puppy is surrounded by grapes. In the side container is celery, carrots and french onion dip.

14 February 2012

More lunch love

John’s home sick from school again today. Of course, we’re hoping this is the last of it as he seems to be going a bit stir crazy and really enjoys school.

If he does go back tomorrow, his lunch will be based around the balloon I got him at the drugstore this morning for Valentine’s Day:

Ahhh distraction thou name are The Simpsons.

Bottom: Turkey sandwiches with an AirHead kiss on the face (just like on the balloon), Colby hearts
Top Right:  Applesauce with sprinkles
Top Left: LifeSaver Gummies and a Heart-shaped York Peppermint Patty

13 February 2012

Valentine's Day Lunch Take Two

Make sure you visit the first Valentine’s Day Lunch and follow the BBF Blog Hop at the bottom! You really don’t want to miss the awesomeness!!!

John stayed home sick from school today for the first time all school year. In fact, I think for the first time since his tonsils came out this past June! When lunchtime came around today I gave him the option of the Dinosaur Train lunch or the Valentine’s Day lunch I had for tomorrow.

He loved the cubed heart and pepperoni (and ate about half of the watermelon — saving the rest for later), but then I needed something for tomorrow in case he goes to school which I’m seriously hoping he does. Not only is it his turn at snack day and he loves doing snack day, but also who wants to miss giving & getting Valentines in school??? Not my boy, that’s for sure!

The Valentines he picked out to pass out are from the movie Rio (and, of course, the Angry Birds tie-in game). I had planned on using the extra card in the box and leaving it in his lunch as a little surprise … but then he surprised me and left it for me last night! Such a sweet boy! So instead, now, he’ll still get a Rio Valentine in his lunch box — but in food:

Blu & Jewel are turkey on whole wheat. The hearts are colby cheese.

All together with his Valentines to pass out, Splitz yogurt, and YogaVive Apple Chips.

12 February 2012

Valentine's Lunch in Fit & Fresh ... PLUS snack! (and the first ever BBF Blog Hop!)

Simple hearts for John for Valentine’s Day in some of his new Fit & Fresh containers.

His sandwich is plain cheese cut first with a heart-shaped cutter and then with the FunBites cube thingie just to make it more “John-ish.” It’s sitting on a pile of pepperoni slices:

On the side in a half-circle container is some watermelon. Rather than use the melon baller on the slices I cut them into various sized hearts:
Add a strawberry milk box and a Strawberry Sundae Splitz yogurt and we’ve got a Valentine’s Lunch!

Valentine’s Day is also John’s turn to provide snack for the class. I found some festive zipper seal bag at the dollar store and places a pack of Ocean Spray Berries & Cherries Fruit Snacks and a raspberry cereal bar (store brand of NutriGrain) in each one:

NOW be sure to head over to Crystal’s Ramblings to see what fun she’s packing up for Valentine’s Day! It’s our first ever BBF Blog Hop!

Lunch with @pbskids Dinosaur Train's Buddy & Tiny

Please forgive the brevity of the post. We went to the 6th birthday party this morning for my future daughter-in-law (so says John) and I hardly had the energy to make lunch much less write a terribly witty or even semi-interesting post to go with it! I had to work last night, got out at 7:15am and the party went from 9-11am. No nap. No wit. I’m lucky I can still manage to trace pictures with toothpick in hand :)

Buddy & Tiny are John’s favorites from “Dinosaur Train” so I drew them onto ham & cheese Wonder Smart White sandwiches. Included are grapes, LifeSaver gummies, and Goldfish (since they eat fish on the show).

10 February 2012

Neverland/Pixie Hollow Wrap-up

I decided to put all of the pictures from the past week’s theme together… just in case anyone missed one and doesn’t want to be bothered backtracking ;)

09 February 2012

A 100th Day of School DINNER in @EasyLunchboxes

Apparently today was the 100th day of school for John as made evident by the “100” hat he came home wearing. Since I missed making him a 100th day lunch, I made him a 100th day dinner. He asked for it to be in one of my new Easy Lunchboxes with the green lid (even though it was only travelling from the kitchen to his little table in the living room).

Bottom: 100s made out of mini Slim Jims and Pizza Bagels
Top Right: 100 made from a cut gummy worm and LifeSaver Gummies
Top Left: not quite 100 apple chunks ;)

Pointing out the 100s — still wearing his hat!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates! (in his new @Fit_Fresh containers!)

Tomorrow is Friday which means the end of Neverland/Pixie Hollow Week.

We’re wrapping up with the newest friends of Peter Pan and Tink — Jake and the Neverland Pirates (Izzy, Cubby and their parrot, Skully). This isn’t the first appearance of Jake in one of John’s lunch bags, but it’s soooo much better than the one back in early October. I’m rather impressed with how much better I’ve gotten!

The kids are all ham and cheese on wheat. Skully is drawn onto a Nilla Wafer. Pixie Hollow fruit snacks are scattered about. The Fit & Fresh half-cup has clementine slices and grapes (and it fits perfectly in his new Fit & Fresh Lunch Pod if we leave the ice pack out of the lid).

I’ve had so much fun making this week’s lunches … but I’ve just about burnt myself out with them all at the same time. They have, without a doubt, been my most complicated and detailed lunches yet. I hope you all have enjoyed them as much as John has!

08 February 2012

Mr Smee!

Mr Smee was quite a bit harder than I had anticipated. I blame the bread. Because so much of his detail is white (his hair, the stripes in his shirt, HIM) I used ”Wonder Smart White” instead of the usual whole wheat. It just doesn’t work as well with the whole “trace & transfer” technique. I basically had to redraw the entire thing because the transfer was so faint. Live and learn, right?

Anyhoo, Mr Smee is a pepperoni sandwich and he’s joined by some Whole Grain Pringles, grapes, and a cheddar stick.

And he definitely looks like he’s up to something …

07 February 2012

Peter Pan & Tink (the NEW lunch for Wednesday!)

John decided that he really really wanted the “We can fly” lunch for dinner tonight, so on to Plan B … or P …

Peter is bologna and cheese on whole wheat with a sliver of a Cherry AirHead feather in his cap.
He’s joined by TinkerBell (of course) drawn onto a Nilla Wafer.
Also in the box are Pixie Hollow fruit snacks and two more wafers.
On the side, a clementine and Yoplait Splitz Rainbow Sherbet yogurt.

I’m real glad I had already started the top of the sandwich so it was pretty easy to pull it together! Of course, now I’ll have to rack my brain trying to figure out Thursday’s Plan B :)

We can fly! We can fly! We can fly!

Peter Pan Week continues with Wendy, John & Michael flying over the rooftops of London!

The trio are chicken breast and honey mustard on whole wheat flying through star shaped crackers over colby rooftops! John has yet to decide whether he wants a pear or apple in his bag, but one of them will be added to the lunch bag along with a pouch of flavored water (thank you, Capri Sun!).

06 February 2012

TinkerBell and Terence

For Tuesday’s Peter Pan Week lunch we’ll be visiting Pixie Hollow — where TinkerBell and her friends live.

TinkerBell is joined by her best friend, Terence, in one of the new KlipIt boxes we found at Old Navy. (If you haven’t seen any of the new Tink movies, Terence is a Pixie Dust Fairy.) The sandwiches are pepperoni & mayo on whole wheat with swiss cheese wings. Tink’s side has Pixie Hollow fruit snacks, Terence’s has more pepperoni. Also included will be an applesauce cup (either Wild Berry or Peach Mango) and juice.

Tomorrow? Think happy thoughts and get ready to fly!