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11 December 2011

The Polar Express Lunch

This was not the original plan for Monday’s lunch but I was getting so frustrated with the other I gave up and threw this together in a matter of seconds thanks to a train engine cookie cutter and quick thinking. 

And John loves it!

It helps that I brought home from work a jingle bell VERY similar to the one from the story/movie thanks to the groom from last night’s reception who said I could take one of their gift bags home because I oohed and aahed over the bell.

The train is cinnamon raisin bread with pumpkin cream cheese riding on a track made of Turkey Bites. The jingle bell is a Nilla Wafer with a ribbon cut from a Cherry AirHead, Pretzel sticks are on the side just because.

And now we have to go watch the movie!

For the trillionth time ;)

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