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15 December 2011

BONUS: Gingerbread Fun!

One of my favorite purchases for baking has been the square muffin pans I found on eBay years ago. They were originally rather large and held 12 per pan, but I’ve had to cut them in half so they would fit my Easy Bake Oven On Crack. After Tom went to work & before John got home from school I decided to bake some goodies. Cracked open the box of Betty Crocker Gingerbread mix, got it mixed up & then realized that there was room in the gizmo for 6 muffins and one of the small toaster-oven pans I just got!

The small sheet cake just got frosted with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles … but the muffins?

First I cut two of them in half on the diagonal … then I placed one triangle on top each of the remaining squares:

I bet you can guess where we’re going now, huh?

I gathered together some candy bits, sprinkles, frosting, and John.

It’s a Gingerbread Muffin House!

And, yes. I let him eat it as part of his dinner. 
Sometimes you just need cake for dinner.

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