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06 September 2011

First Day of Kindergarten is Angry Birds!

At first I was going to wait until John went to bed tonight to work on his lunch for tomorrow … but I needed/wanted his input so started it while he was just on the other side of the kitchen counter painting with some new water colors at the dining room table. I’m so glad I did, too, because he was a HUGE help and we had SO much fun once he realized what I was doing.

Now, if you know anything about my boy from following me on Facebook, Twitter or my other blog you know he’s one of the biggest (and smallest) Angry Birds addicts there is. His 5th Birthday party? Angry Birds. His favorite toys? Angry Birds. The reason we HAD to buy iPads? Angry Birds. If he’s not playing Angry Birds he’s probably watching YouTube videos about Angry Birds.

It really came as no surprise when he requested an Angry Birds lunch for his first day of school.

The pig was done before he started to pay attention with a chunk of monterey jack cheese painted with food gel. He got curious once I began cutting out the birds from his turkey sandwich :)

Because of the size of the container the birds ended up being small and I knew he would need more food so we made another sandwich and cut it to size for the background (with grass painted on). Some vanilla yogurt raisins for eggs and a slingshot made out of cheese and voila!
Add-ons are an apple, some more yogurt raisins and mini Slim Jims (another addiction). 
For his drink we put some “Angry Bird Juice” (grape flavored water) in his thermos.

And now I think he’s even more excited about starting Kindergarten tomorrow!

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